Class Executor

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    public class Executor
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements Opcode
    Executor is responsible for modeling the effects of a JVM instruction on a frame.
    Jason T. Greene
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        public void execute​(MethodInfo method,
                            int pos,
                            CodeIterator iter,
                            Frame frame,
                            Subroutine subroutine)
                     throws BadBytecode
        Execute the instruction, modeling the effects on the specified frame and subroutine. If a subroutine is passed, the access flags will be modified if this instruction accesses the local variable table.
        method - the method containing the instruction
        pos - the position of the instruction in the method
        iter - the code iterator used to find the instruction
        frame - the frame to modify to represent the result of the instruction
        subroutine - the optional subroutine this instruction belongs to.
        BadBytecode - if the bytecode violates the jvm spec